With the celebration of Doja Cat’s 27th birthday on Friday, the generational star held an Eyes Wide Shut themed birthday bash completed with every A-List celebrity within the Beverly Hills radius. The Stanley Kubrick film starring Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise is notoriously known for its secret societies and sex cult scenes – I think it’s a little more than just controversial, don’t you think? Although Doja is known for her dramatic and animated personality, fans were shocked to find the icon had shaved her head and in replacement wore a bright ginger wig under a gold plaited Venetian mask upon her entrance to her party venue. Behind her loomed a thick black velour cape closely followed by two Victoria Secret Models, Kendell Jenner, and Hailey Bieber. 

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Common themes for the style of the Eyes Wide Shut event included black and gold chemises, mascaraed masks, feathered sleeve cuffs, and criminally tight lace body suits with high thigh lace stockings. Jenner wore a black veil draped over her lace, corseted bustier coordinated with a pair of gloves accessorised with vintage Dolce and Gabbana earrings. Secondly, the anticipated super model, Winnie Harlow, also dressed up to exceed expectations dripping in chrome silver with a floor length cape paired with a monochromatic bra and feathers. Justine Sky and Normani also attended the party in full lingerie sets with Coi Leray, Niall Horan and Ty Dolla $ign also amongst the A-List celebrities.  

The movie character Mandy, played by Julienne Davis, was Doja’s inspirational muse as she was dressed like the character, a character who coincidentally also ends up sacrificing her soul in the movie. Mandy is sacrificed with the same Venetian mask which seems intentional to this conspiracy. Truth or talk? Did Doja sell her soul? I did more research on the Venetian mask which turns out to translate to ‘Ghost’ in Latin which is even more symbolic of these wild accusations. To make things beyond strange the star coincidently turned 27 which coated a three-tier jet black and gold cake covered with illuminati symbols, harmonising with her gothic theme. I speculate that this is a silent nod to the infamous 27 club where numerous celebrities mysteriously die at the common age of 27, and we all know how cults in horror movies love doing rituals in dingy winter settings. I hope I am wrong… but it appears Doja Cat is the next ritual offering, with the shaving of her hair and eyebrows, perhaps they will declare that she was just insane as a cover up.