Luxury fashion brand Gucci recently revealed a new collaboration campaign with 2010s boy-band-member-turned-successful-solo-artist, Harry Styles. The HA HA HA collection was unveiled at Men’s Fashion Week in Milan back in June.  

Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, explained how the idea rose when the two were sharing a phone call; Michele proposed the idea of creating a ‘dream wardrobe’ to Styles. A Gucci collaboration? Of course the singer, songwriter, and now established actor wasn’t going to turn down the opportunity of a lifetime. This is not, however, Styles’ first time working alongside Gucci. In fact, most of his clothes worn on stage are Gucci pieces, both custom-made and from the ready-to-wear collections. As well as this, he was the face of the Gucci Men’s Tailoring campaign 4 years ago, and starred in the Gucci Memoire D’une Odeur campaign film – we think its safe to say he’s a fan.

The collection itself showcases a wide range of 1970s-inspired items featuring a bohemian spin and childlike visions. The romantic accents, whimsical prints, vintage detailing and expressive emotionality of the pieces really capture the essence of Harry Styles. So much so that if Styles’ name wasn’t attached to the collection, you would be able to spot his input from a mile off. Whilst the collection portrays a beautiful autumnal palette, perfect for this time of year – there are youthful, playful splashes of experimental fun scattered here and there. From boxy blazers and pinstripe pants, to tailored trousers and studded handbags, Styles and Michele have well and truly experimented with the meaning of masculinity within fashion.  

And it wouldn’t be a true Styles piece if there wasn’t some sort of irrelevant reference to fruit. So, of course, we see a reoccurring theme of cherries on pieces like the Gingham Jacket and the HA HA HA Cherry T-Shirt. . 

There’s also a hint to his catchy number one single, Watermelon Sugar, on the Bear T-Shirt, reading, “I want more berries and that summer feelin’’. 

Alessandro disclosed how the name for the collection originated from how they signed off their text messages. Which was, you guessed it, “hahaha” – again hinting to the idea of being playful and childish with high fashion.  

Muted autumnal hues, houndstooth and pinstripe, vivid ginghams and bunnies, the HA HA HA campaign has it all to offer – of course only if you happen to have £5350 to spend on a new patchwork leather jacket.

If you’re a lover of Harry’s classic silhouettes, then we can assure you that you’re going to fall in love with everything in the collection.