On the 2nd November, the upcoming Indie band put on a show that was arguably chaotic but nevertheless, fun filled. Both the audience and the band seemed to have the time of their lives. Many musicians lack the charisma or stage presence needed to entertain a crowd and end up falling short of their fans expectations, but this was the opposite of the truth for the five school friends from Leicester.

Written by Shannon Smyth

Easy Life are Murray Matravers (centre), Oliver Cassidy, Sam Hewitt, Lewis Berry, Jordan Birtles

From the stage lighting to the atmosphere, nothing could be faulted. The band performed under a series of bright neon lights at Digbeth’s O2 institute which was completely sold out -including the balcony seats as well as the stalls. This alone is a victory for the band as it is their first UK tour and so far, for a band that only formed in 2017, they have exceeded all expectations.

The band appeared around 9pm and as the lights dimmed the crowd waited eagerly for the unique sounds that Easy Life were to begin playing. There was jumping, shouting, cheering and of course, a lot of singing which was an awful lot to take in; however, every single fan appeared to have a beaming smile on their face. Some of the bands biggest hits were played including: “Sangria” and Temporary Love part 2” as well as some of their newer music from their recent album “Life’s a Beach”.

Image courtesy of Instagram: @shannonssmyth

As the concert got rowdier and the fans continued to hype them up, the frontman Murray Matravers decided to crowd surf, much to the crowd’s delights may I add. This was a nice touch and made a change from some artists “stay as far away from me as possible” approach, especially as the band even defied securities advice not to enter the crowd. It seemed that the fans appreciated this personal touch too with people virtually fighting to get a touch whilst the band member surfed the entire audience.

Clearly adamant not to leave anyone out, Matravers entered the seated balcony section where he interacted with fans and then proceeded to jump off the balcony into the crowd whilst being restrained by security, which obviously he did not take a blind bit of notice of. Some may call it crazy, but it made for a good show and got the reaction I presume the band very much wanted.

Image courtesy of Instagram: @easylife

Overall, the concert was eventful from start to finish and after a show stopping performance, I doubt Easy Life’s fans are going to forget this one in a hurry. If you have not yet seen the band live, I would strongly advise you to do so.

Easy Life – have a great day