Written by Jessica Brunskill

The low-rise pants, velour tracksuits and mini handbags are all we can talk about at the moment. The comeback of one of the most iconic and memorable fashion trends is back and here to stay. Bratz, Legally Blonde and Mean Girls, are amongst the nostalgic films associated with the undeniably famous fashion of the 90s and 00s.

High street stores like Urban Outfitters are dedicated to aiding the comeback of this trend. Urban Outfitters started to release the iconic Juicy Couture velour tracksuit in an array of different colours, with accessories to match such as, the iconic mini shoulder bag and bucket hats to complete the set. Paris Hilton, amongst other celebrities such as Britney Spears were known for wearing their sparkly Juicy tracksuits with the Bratz Doll rimless pink tinted sunglasses and mini shoulder bag. 

Celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Haley Bieber are fans of the Y2K fashion trend and are helping it make its comeback into 2020 and 2021. With their sporty looking crop tops and low-rise boyfriend jeans, they are giving us all the inspiration we need to achieve this effortless, yet Bratty look. The evolution of this trend allows us to experiment with our fashion and step out of our comfort zone like never before. 

Instead of paying for overpriced items of Y2K clothing, Depop, an app which allows you to buy and sell, is the perfect place to find those vintage gems that you’ve been looking for at a reasonable price. Instead of the clothes being reworked to look like garments from the 90s, they are genuine vintage pieces from the 90s. 

This trend features key garments which are undeniably recognisable from the 90s such as, corsets, crop tops, little cardigans and camisoles, along with bandanas, low rise tennis skirts, scrunchies and not forgetting the butterfly print too. Apps like Depop, Ebay and Vestiaire Collective allow us to be more sustainable as fashion consumers, by purchasing repurposed clothing from the early 2000s into fresh, new sustainable outfits. The comeback of the Y2K aesthetic is a smart and stylish way of helping to stop the issue of the fast fashion industry and could potentially be a turning point in how we style and construct our fashion identities.