By Holly Wensley

All the fashion and beauty products you desire right at your fingertips. It’s as easy as click, choose, checkout.

If you succumbed to the ‘TikTok made me buy it’ trend – then don’t worry you are not alone. From the Harry Styles JW Anderson knitted cardigan to the viral Aerie leggings, we all know that if it’s advertised on TikTok then it is guaranteed to sell out.

Brands are now cleverly utilizing the platforms fast-paced, personalised, and effortless appeal to advertise to the platform’s majority Generation Z audience.

Whether we like to admit it or not, TikTok and its creators have got us hooked. These short entertaining clips, with trending audio and viral hashtags are watched by 13.3 million users just in the United Kingdom alone, according to Statista. Let’s admit, it is addictive.

Estimated by Bloomberg to have the most easily consumable content online, with the average user spending 60 minutes a day watching content.

Heavily focused on user experience, the platforms ‘for you page’ feature enables its audience to find even the most basic product reviews, saving you from endlessly scrolling for hours. Talk about changing consumerism as we know it.

‘#TikTokFashionMonth’. Image courtesy of Holly Wensley.

With #tiktokfashionmonth inviting brands such as Louis Vuitton and Dior to livestream their fashion events, even the luxury fashion houses are jumping on the bandwagon. More and more brands are now thinking outside of the box and using this innovative and exciting platform to really connect with their audience.

Finally, we can buy items straight from the app by just interacting with brands live streams – a shopper’s dream.

Following on from their trial in May, TikTok have now given companies the ability to display their products alongside images and prices. LookFantastic have grabbed this opportunity with open arms and have gained the title of TikTok’s ultimate beauty destination with regular interactive lives offering users with exclusive discounts when they buy now.

So maybe this is the future of ecommerce after the pandemic plunged us into an online world. I don’t know about you but if I was offered interactive exclusive discounts, I wouldn’t be able to resist.