Written by Lucy Anne Chappell

Do you ever smell, taste, hear, touch, or see something which takes you back to a special moment in time where you felt things could not get better? Reach that sensation again by supporting these small businesses fighting through a tough year, one sense at a time. 


Having children can be challenging work, but one purchase from Spellbound can transfer them from the boredom of lockdown into a world of adventure where they can turn into the true hero they are in a faraway land. All through one singular read of a book, the owner of the company: Nicole Bescoby, explains “we can include all their favourite things, family, friends, characters, pets or favourite toys, absolutely ANYTHING goes, and we LOVE a challenge” it is the “ultimate gift of love, laughter, or fear.” 

Photo by Spellbound


Cyber Graphics is a company based in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. As part of their new handcrafted product range, they have started producing Spotify plaques which allows you to turn your Spotify playlist into real-life prints, perfect for a loved one. To make this product even better it can even be brought to life through the sound sense, one simple scan of the Spotify sound wave and you and your loved one will be dancing away like the first time you ever heard that beloved song together. 

Photo by Cyber Graphics


Alice Claire owner of Melt Me Real Good believes that her businesses handmade, eco-friendly AND vegan (with a touch of care and passion of course!) soy wax melts are “such an important part of that moment when we take the time for self-care, self-appreciation, and reflection.” Sounds like a perfect way to finish a long day of working or *cough* procrastinating with a smell of happiness in mind.


Taylor Ashford, the owner of Chocolate Bartique explains how the company started as a small lockdown project, but since then the business has been ‘crazy’ busy. Explaining how her speciality chocolate slabs come in a range of sizes and toppings including a mouth-watering chocolate orange flavour (amazing, I know). But these flavours alone are not limited, due to the companies love for “experimenting with new ideas and trying to fulfil everybody’s wishes; To ensure their chocolates are bursting with flavour”.  

Photo by Chocolate Bartique


Both the style and feel of clothes is such a crucial factor in assessing the quality and care which has gone into the production process. The crochet business The Woolly Grammoth achieves both things with her iconic fruit bralette collection made from either acrylic or cotton. The material she explains as “nice and soft,” with it being important that all fibres she uses are sustainable, without irritating the skin; a style to keep you cosy and stylish all year through. As well as the business helping her manage her mental health, she also states that buying slow fashion creates a sense of comfort for consumers and by knowing all workers are on a well-earned minimum wage. 

Feature photo illustrated by Lucy Anne Chappell.