By Olivia Pearce

We all hate it when we have to clean mud from the harsh winter weather off of our white trainers, so the idea of a designer fashion runway held on sludgy floors showcasing £1000 hoodies and £700 shoes is absolutely obscene. However, Balenciaga’s Demna Gvasalia had different ideas at Paris Fashion Week recently.

Balenciaga, well known for its revolutionary, unique shapes and silhouettes, stepped out of the box colliding its ready-to-wear pieces with mud puddles in an attempt to present as a metaphor for “digging for truth and being down to earth” explained Demna. The fashion show exhibited us some well-known faces, including Bella Hadid and was opened by Ye (or more previously known as Kanye West). The influential hip-hop artist was sporting post-apocalyptic pieces on his debut catwalk, he waded his way through the mud in an oversized flak jacket, leather trousers, cap and a hoodie.

Demna is well known for stepping outside of the conventional fashion show expectations and explains how “fashion loves boxes and labels more than anything. Luxury, not luxury, street, couture, good, bad, buzz, viral, all the same, who cares. Putting fashion into the box of polished, exclusive, and visually expensive is limited and pretty old school.”. the subversion of old school, same old traditions has led Balenciaga to where they are today, being known as a brand that strives to demonstrate identity, self-expression and standing out. Whether you like it or not, their mud pit runway ticks all of those boxes.

A social media post that got a lot of attention was one by i-D, the British bimonthly magazine, on TikTok.

Currently at 34.9M views and 3.3M likes, the video received a lot of feedback in the 52.4K comments – and lets just say they weren’t all positive.
Many saw the unintended humorous side of the viral catwalk, with one person saying, “How my kids walk when I call them to do something” (@milliekkk).
While others were much less impressed, explaining how they think it’s all “Getting out of hand” (@omagu1re), another saying “Balenciaga has to be a social experiment” (@dojzz).