Have you heard of the newest, most unexpected trend of 2022 – ‘gorpcore’? Named after the informal term for trail mix (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts), the style refers to outdoor or hiking gear worn outside of mountain terrain.  

Gorpcore can be related to streetwear [a similar popular trend described as a highly individualised style of fashion that infuses and embodies characteristics of skate, basketball, and hip-hop culture from the metropolitan U.S. East Coast during the 1980s. as brands are important]. Brands with distinct logos, such as North Face, Arc’teryx and Patagonia are bought commonly, due to both great quality and colourful apparel. Certain items of clothing, such as cargo pants, fleeces, hats, and even socks, are all internal parts of perfecting an outfit inspired by the trend.  

This style has been seen on some of hype culture’s favourite people, like A$AP Rocky, Travis Scott and Lil Yachty. Accounts have even devoted themselves to the trend, such as @gorpcoretex and @gorpcore.png, showcasing style inspiration. Even Salomon shoes, designed to withstand tough hiking environments, have been seen worn by celebrities, namely Rihanna since 2019, well before this recent surge.  

This sudden rise does not come as a surprise, due to brands such as Snow Peak (a Japanese hiking-gear company) and North Face having well established histories and loyal customers. These companies are now being looked at from the angle of streetwear and even high fashion, as they have taken notice of the long-lasting clothing. This has now allowed different groups of people, such as young streetwear fanatics, to change their style to wear practical clothing. 

When it comes to trends, the question of ‘how long will this last?’ is never far behind. From an increased interest in saving the environment and preventing climate change to the population enjoying the outdoors again post Coronavirus, gorpcore will likely rise in traction in upcoming months. 

But what do you think – will gorpcore continue to grow and dominate the market, or will it be another throwaway micro-trend?