Lip filler is no exception to the cyclical trends that take over the internet, but how much is too much?  

Blue eyeshadow, over-plucked eyebrows and black lipstick were all infiltrating magazines decades ago, for them to be thrown to the side in the 21st century. These trends entered the beauty zeitgeist overnight once celebrities where pictured setting the trends. After Kylie Jenner (founder of Kylie Cosmetics) admitted to her lip augmentation, the new trend was set. Fans said farewell to plumping lip-gloss and excessive overlining and rapidly started searching where they can attain their own lip filler from. With the sudden increase in demand also came the increase in services. Now years on, are people really wanting picture perfect pouts anymore, or is natural the way forward? 

Subtle but still a statement is now how celebs are wanting their ‘perfect’ pout. Familiar faces, such as Molly-Mae, soon dissolved their lip fillers after years of the filler-filled pout due to concerns of taking it too far. The year of 2020 introduced a more natural look, leaving the era of perfect Instagram-able faces behind.  

One factor influencing this movement was the global pandemic as influencers headed down a ‘less-is-more’ look by using minimal products and minimising filler. Face masks and isolation meant fans of filler were left unable to show off their expensive trend as well as not being able to maintain the look as services came to a holt. Along with Molly-Mae, ex-TOWIE star Chloe Sims recently revealed that she chose to have her lips dissolved for a more natural look by exposing her own before and after pictures. This movement has been followed by many influencers with high followings, leading to a new trend: natural lips.  

But why did this trend stay popular for so long and by so many? When Kylie Jenner showed off her new pout, thousands of young girls wanted the desired fuller lips. Now, many people who have previously accepted the lip filler look are dissolving previous filler for a fresh start. This may be by either leaving them completely natural, or re-injecting them with a more natural and symmetrical look.  

But just like any trend, it comes and goes without much warning and everyone has their own views. Is filler for you or does the natural look sound more fulfilling?