Only a matter of days ago, Drake and 21 Savage rekindled their musical partnership and released their collaborative album titled “Her Loss.” This album release comes 6 years after their first joint-track, “Sneakin’” in 2016, but is “Her Loss” a hit, or a miss?

By Jack Elliott

The 16-song album, from a premature review, is impeccable. From just the average listeners perspective, it’s great. But why? No tracks seem to drag, so they keep the listener excited, and listening to the album the whole way through in a single sitting is made extremely easy through this. As well as this, the production is excellent, in terms of how it sounds and how it was produced. Some of the beats are from A-list producers/beatmakers, but impressively, some also come from quite small timers, unknows in fact. When listening to the album this goes untraced, the beat switches lead the listener to not even consider amateurs being behind the beats. “Major Distribution”, track 2 on the album, has a beatswitch which went viral on TikTok, sending the internet wild. The voices of Drake and Savage fit perfectly, Drake’s soft, but confident sound compliments the nasal hiss of Savage’s.  

Diving deeper in however, it wouldn’t be a Drake album without their being some extremely annoying aspects to some of the songs. Many listeners on the internet have all had one opinion in common, it’s just too long, and when an album is too long, the middle usually slacks, which is exactly what has happened in the case of “Her Loss.” Songs like “Hours In Silence” where Drake reverts back to his old days and ventures into singer mode are just slow, almost endless loops of Drake complaining and whining about his time in relationships and how it’s always him that is at fault for them ending. It just bores the listener, and with the album also including Savage, it really isn’t what most people are there to listen to.  

If you’re already starting to bore of Drake and realise, he may not be ‘the goat’ then this album really won’t change your mind. He goes after Megan Thee Stallion, with a pointless dig. He refers back to an incident where the female rapper was reportedly shot, but there are conspiracies surrounding the situation stating that it’s fake. The lyrics in which Drake attacks her are “This b*tch lie ‘bout getting shots, but she still a stallion.” The opinion of many is that this is completely unneeded, and it just causes ‘beef,’ taking away from the highly anticipated album. Drake risked losing an entire fanbase via this line, and it leaves one wondering, why? 

All in all, musically, the album is good enough to be described as a success, but for many hip-hop fans, opinions could easily differ. The last universally popular album released by Drake was more than 5 years ago, titled “More Life.” Yes, this album was lyrically exceptional, but a 5-year wait between ‘great’ albums for an artist of Drake’s stature just isn’t good enough.  

So, what’s next for Drake, and how long will we have to wait this time for an up to standard album?