Words by Eva Fairburn

Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that you’ve most likely seen the rise of the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic across social media. Whether it’s a pic of Hailey Bieber looking so effortlessly put together or a TikTok tutorial on how to get a flawless fluffy brow, the clean girl aesthetic is most definitely on the climb.  

As a general rule, the clean girl look is all about appearing simply put together with minimal effort. It’s all about the glow: dewy skin, a slick back bun, and the perfect glossy French manicure. Religiously prioritizing self-care by exercising, eating healthy, and sipping on matcha lattes… this girl always goes the extra mile to ensure every aspect of life is in check.  

With the look stemming from A-list celebs and It-girls such as Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Hailey Bieber, the aesthetic has risen in popularity since early 2022. Videos with relevant hashtags have over an immense 750 million views on TikTok. With an effortlessly chic aesthetic, creators have tapped into celebrity icons and are at the forefront of this trend. Whether it’s workout tutorials, ‘Sunday reset’ videos, or how-to style accessories and jewellery, we all love getting an inside look at what it would be like to live this seemingly idyllic lifestyle.  

While this trend may appear simple at first glance, it might not be as easy as it looks to stick to a 5am yoga session or always look put together. By now, it may seem pretty clear that this trendy lifestyle is unattainable and out of reach for most people who work a 9-5 and live a typical life, and potentially, the reason these girls look so pristine is largely due to lavish skincare and pricey treatments.  

Despite this, there are some useful life hacks hidden within this craze that anyone who enjoys this aesthetic can incorporate into their own routine. From taking simple steps such as journaling your thoughts, to lighting a candle, or adding some statement gold jewellery and slicking back your hair, you can somewhat replicate our obsession with this look and live your ‘clean girl’ best life.