We all live in a world of conflict, where one day we’re referred to as ‘snowflakes’, that are ill- equipped, and ‘lazy’. Then the next we’re ‘overworked’, and a generation in which we never switch off…

Alongside these stereotypes, we also have our work tool (our phones) on us constantly. This means only one thing; we can work 24/7, yuppie! So, how do we work in such a toxic environment? Oh, and not to forget, we have the pressure to buy a house, have a nice car, run our own business, maintain relationships, and have that ‘perfect Instagram’ life.  

Often referred to as ‘the youth of today’, from the ages of 18-35, we’re not taken seriously; we are, unfortunately, caught up in an uncomfortable middle ground between our own expectations, and reality – not to mention the fact that we are sandwiched between other people’s opinions of us. We consistently must fight, to articulate our knowledge. God have mercy if we make a mistake in the workplace, there is one, and only one thing to blame. Our age. This is outdated discrimination against the youth today.   

Having recently read the book, ‘Working Hard, Hardly Working’, written by Grace Beverley, I have a new outlook on how we are perceived in this working life, (and life in general). Mainly, how to absolutely boss it and most importantly, always stick two fingers up at all the pessimistic acquaintances we meet throughout life.

As the book title implies, we need to ensure we have a strong structure between our work balance, and personal life. Without the correct headspace, or mental attitude we will struggle in the world of work. 

Unfortunately, we cannot change the way others view us, but we can change the way we view ourselves. I promise if you exhibit a positive, confident oar, then others will begin to take this view on you, respect you, and most importantly… your work.   

Read the book- it will change the way you work. For the better.

(Image available via: @gracebeverly, via Instagram)