The Warehouse Projects highly anticipated 2022 season has finally arrived!

The infamous venue first opened its doors in 2006, and since then has witnessed an assortment of the best names in the music scene, attracting huge and diverse crowds. To kick off the celebrations XXL returned to Manchester’s most renowned venue with an immense line-up. Featuring some of the biggest names in Techno, among them Amelie Lens. With a reputation so notorious shows sell out months prior to the event, it’s not one to miss! 

The German style hard Tech attracted flocks of people from around the country, for one night of intense two stepping, the fact that few friends of mine from Ireland make the trip speaks lengths itself. Throughout the chaotic crowds, every genre of Raver was present. From the stereotypical Mancunian raver, equipped with their Air Max 95’s to ‘Goth-like’ ravers making impressive statements with thick eyeliner and chunky docs.

Exceptional stage production radiated throughout the venue, the stage sets mirrored the dark, mysterious style of clothing many ravers had opted to wear. The Depot stage really taking the crown with demonic like figures were seen scaling the backdrop, emphasising the gothic theme to the event.  

Th entirety of the evening was spent with ravers from all subcategories welcoming each other with open arms, broadening the relationship between ravers. If you were wanting to catch this type of energy again WHP season continues with Peggy Gou and Dixon taking over the Depot on the 21st October for an unforgettable night! Alternatively head over to their twitter to get all the latest details on upcoming events. See you there!