We have all heard of discovering ourselves in the year of 2022, from mindset movements to goals and manifestation. But, to so many people, style is the biggest part of their identity and growth as young women in the 21st century.  ..

If you ever feel like you have nothing to wear while looking at a wardrobe full of clothes, it’s time to form your own individual style and create a timeless wardrobe that evolves with your true self. Fast fashion companies have got extremely clever at tricking us into believing that in order to feel whole, we need this dress, or my life will feel together once I order a whole new winter wardrobe. These are narratives the industry puts in our minds to make us feel the need and desire to buy garments in the moment. How many times have you bought a new dress that you really felt you needed which is now sitting unworn in the back of your wardrobe? We have become a throwaway society and we don’t even realise it. Yet the sad part is, we don’t truly know our own style, what clothes make us happy, suit our body, and make us feel confident.   

So, how do we stop falling into micro trends or runway moments that take our gaze in the moment but are not truly a reflection of our individual style?   

Delete TikTok  

Your jaw dropped; I know. Social media and scrolling through an endless loop of influencers is not actually influencing our individual style, it’s allowing us to mimic theirs. To truly find your own personal style, you need to stop looking to social media for your inspiration. Look elsewhere, from people watching in the streets, to going into vintage shops or your local shops and just browsing with no outside influence.  

Create a mood board 

Ask yourself what your ideal style would be if you had no budget, are you Parisian street style at heart? A minimalist dresser? A 90s vintage lover? Find what you truly love and search for your own inspiration within that sector of style to create your own identity. Do you really like streetwear, or did you just see Kim K in a pair of Yeezys and a skintight bodysuit? Find out what you love and what suits your body and makes you feel the most confident. Putting this into a visual mood board will give you a great starting point.  

Think staple pieces   

Building any wardrobe requires some statement staples. Think basics, what do you need to form an outfit? A white tee is an essential, but consider do you prefer cropped, skin-tight, a casual fit? Once you have the basics in your wardrobe you can build from them, creating a collection of clothes you love and can wear over and over again styling in so many different ways.