Follow the footsteps of a quieter Day in the Life as a Fashion Intern at a small, e-commerce brand. For any readers looking to step into the fashion career world, this could give a small insight a future day in YOUR life. 
Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

7:30am – Sometimes I jump out of bed, others I slowly crawl after multiple snoozes on the alarm. I was feeling very positive today and soon got on with my morning routine; shower, dress, eat breakfast and slap on some makeup.

8:15am – Make a brew. I can’t start any day of work without a cup of tea in hand, so this is an essential before starting my commute to work.

8:25am – Drive to work (and hope for no traffic in the process!)

9am – Log on to my laptop and check for any new tasks I’ve been sent for the day. There’s always a little bit of gossip about last nights television too.

9:30am – If no urgent tasks have been sent, I’ll do a quick press read to see what is going on in the celeb and fashion world.

9:45am – Go through all new customer service emails and rectify any issues. Then move onto my general inbox with emails received from external companies.

11am – Stick the kettle on, if one of my colleagues hasn’t already offered!!

11:15am – I had a call regarding a possible press event with an external client – very exciting!

12pm – Manage any returns, sort refunds and exchanges and contact customers regarding the status of their return.

1pm – Lunch time. I try to also squeeze in a walk to get my steps in.

2pm – Influencer Outreach. Reach out to influencers or their managers regarding a gifted collab. This part of the job is one of my favourites due to how rewarding it can be.

3pm – Pack and fulfil all orders of the day, ready for the courier to pick up. 

4:15pm – Check over AWIN, any new emails and recruit new ambassadors for the brand through their applications or on Instagram.

5pm – As long as the courier has been for the deliveries, and all urgent tasks have been completed, it’s home time!