By Rebecca Rhodes

Noticed any changes in your skin recently? Seasonal breakouts, acne, dry skin – whatever it is in winter, it can make us feel down and gives us the frequent urge to layer our skin in makeup. Below are some tips to help you overcome this and boost your confidence. 

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Take a NEEDED break from social media 

Go offline. We spend too much of our precious time comparing ourselves to photoshopped and filtered images posted by influencers and celebrities which are completely unrealistic. Delve yourself into reading, painting, or baking, this will also give your mind a break and cut down your anxious thoughts. Stress takes a major toll on your skin too. It can cause acne breakouts due to stress hormones being released such as adrenaline and cortisol – leading to clogged pores and dry skin breakouts. So, take the essential time to un-plug and focus on de-stressing and staying positive. 

Show it off.  

First things first: flaunt it. I spent hours, even years trying to conceal my dry, brittle skin caused by winter’s harsh temperatures, honestly, the best thing to do rather than shying away from it is to go au naturel. Everyone has a unique feature that makes them stand out from the crowd – embrace it. Pause the self-denigrator and focus on the aspects about yourself you love and feel grateful for, your confidence will spike in no time.

Hydrate hydrate hydrate  

Cliché, I know but did you know that water maintains your skin’s elasticity? Flushing toxins out of your body, H20 alone may be the answer to your skin problem prayers. This miracle drink will result in your acne clearing, alongside your skin feeling more moisturized and nourished. Not drinking enough water can actually damage your skin barrier, resulting in premature aging and fine lines – something we definitely don’t want.   

Reduce makeup 

Put down the brushes. As much as we love covering our flaws in makeup, it makes our troubled skin worse, especially this time of year: let your skin breathe.  If you are prone to acne, covering spots at the time of a flare-up will clog your pores even more, on the other hand, if you suffer from eczema, wearing makeup will trigger your eczema to flare up. Best bet? Invest in a lighter, sensitive skin suitable BB cream, having the same finish as a foundation, it is formulated with moisturizer to keep your skin protected and glowing.