Travis Scott’s Astroworld turns from a concert to crime scene with eight people announced dead

By Sara Roberts

Travis Scott performing at Astroworld 2021. Image Courtesy of Erika Goldring/WireImage/Getty Images

On Friday 6th November eight people as young as 14 were announced dead at Astroworld. The concert held by Travis Scott at Houston, Texas broke into chaos as reports revealed fans being crowd crushed against and suffocated beneath the piles of people storming the grounds of the music festival.  

Teenagers and young adults left the concert Friday night traumatised and outraged by the lack of concern given by Travis and the event management team who organised the festival. Many of those affected took to twitter and TikTok to come forward with their experiences, one man naming it the “Concert from hell”  who was there attempting to help people to safety.  Shedding more light on the catastrophe that occured in Houston was one of the EMT’s who worked at the Astroworld event sharing his perspective in a three part series on TikTok. 

It’s not just the people who were unfortunate enough to have been at the festival expressing their horror, thousands of comments have flooded Travis’ comment sections on his recent posts. The flurry of comments mostly consisted of the acknowledgement of those who lost their lives at the festival.

The events following this tragedy have stormed the internet, calling into debate of who is to blame and what steps should have been taken to avoid this from happening. Travis briefly brought attention to this, stating that they are trying to figure the cause of the problem and has expressed that he will be reaching out to the families of the deceased. Click here for the full clip on YouTube.  

No doubt there will certainly shift in the way events are organised in the future though the matter remains, why does it take 11 pronounced dead at a music festival to call into action the safety measures being put in place?