by Annie Smith

TikTok shot to fame with its entertaining short videos, making for easy watching during the pandemic. As a direct result of the increasing popularity of this app, a new form of influencers has come to light.  

Influencers first rose to fame through social media channels such as Instagram and Youtube, with these types of celebrities started getting featured by brands for promotional marketing. It became increasingly apparent that featuring influencers increased your brands reach and desirability.  

Therefore, it is no shock that this marketing strategy has filtered up into the luxury fashion industry, hence an increasing number of influencers being featured on the front row of multiple fashion weeks.  

Influencers are the future of marketing for products and/or services, and so there is no surprise that these new TikTok influencers are also featuring at fashion week.  

The first notable TikToker to be featured on the front row of a luxury catwalk, was the face of TikTok herself, Charli D’Amelio. If you are unsure on who this is then you’re clearly not as addicted to TikTok as the rest of us and we suggest you get yourself up to date!  

D’Amelio was invited to the Prada fall/Winter 2020 show in Milan, cleverly seated at the front. The invite did cause confusion for many fashion bloggers as the TikToker had never shown much interest in fashion via her social media channels, however her presence their alone unlocked a whole new audience for Prada to reach.  

Now, in 2021 there is many more TikTok influencers who are being spotted at some of the most prestigious shows fashion week has to offer.  

One notable appearance was the British TikToker, Olivia Neils, invitation to Paris for the Mui Mui S/S 2021 show. Dressed fully by Mui Mui, Olivia’s appearance also caused a stir of emotions on TikTok when it came to people’s opinions on her being there.  

Many people weren’t a fan of Neils presence at London Fashion week due to her connections with the fast fashion industry, such as her collection with Motel Rocks. Luxury fashion isn’t about mass consumption unlike the fast fashion industry, hence peoples dislike.  

Personally, I think Olivia’s presence made more sense than Charli D’Amelios considering her consistent interest in fashion and keeping up with the latest street styles.   

We have definitely not seen the last of TikTokers appearing at fashion weeks. This will keep occurring for as long as TikTok stays this popular. It is the perfect marketing strategy for luxury brands to unlock themselves to new audiences.