Gone are the days of shopping for beauty products based on luxurious brand names and fancy packaging. 

By Anna Preston

The trend of ‘Clean Beauty’ has caught the consumers attention, led by a rise in conscious consumerism, the once niche beauty trend has been propelled into the mainstream, taking over TikTok’s FYP (for you page) and, as of right now has over 550 million views. 

But what exactly is ‘Clean Beauty’? Whilst there is no official definition for the trend – you can interpret it in any way you like.  

It can refer to both makeup and skincare products that champion natural ingredients, sustainable packaging and are against animal testing.  

Or, on the other hand, a viral beauty routine that is focused on accentuating your natural skin and is characterised by a fresh, flushed and blushed appearance with the use of little to no skincare and makeup products.  

Alternatively – you could combine the two. 

So how can you achieve the ‘Clean Beauty’ trend? Well, your first step is to get to grips with the lengthy ingredients lists – which isn’t easy. 

The key ingredients you want to avoid are:  

  • Parabens 
  • Fragrances 
  • Aluminium compounds 
  • Plastic microbeads 
  • Siloxanes 
  • Oxybenzone and octinoxate (found in suncream)

All of these chemicals are considered to be harmful to both human life and are known to bioaccumulate in aquatic food chains in the form of microplastics.  

Whilst there aren’t certifications to avoid these ingredients, you can find out if a product is cruelty-free by looking for the leaping bunny symbol.  

Now the step you’ve all been waiting for – getting creative. After applying your newly clean skincare, you want to start with a dewy primer.  

Then add a light touch of some concealer or tinted moisturiser (if you want some coverage).  

Next its time to go crazy with the cream blush and bronzer, softly tapping the pigment along your cheekbones for a lifting effect.  

Finishing with fluffy feathered brows, brown mascara for long, luscious lashes and a touch of tint on the lips. 

And voilá! You have officially achieved the basics of the ‘Clean Beauty’ trend.