By Mia Harding

The transition from summer to Autumn/Winter is never easy. The hot sun and floaty dresses are quickly replaced and long forgotten as the cold endures through our bodies – parallel to the classic bad British weather. However, the new season presents warm drinks (gingerbread lattes, we are ready for you) and cosy nights in which after an ardent few months’ post-lockdown. I think we’re all ready for some nights in. 

A/W fashion is by far my favourite seasons for styling. Layering, coats, blazers, chunky boots, and cosy knits. Give me it all. 

Where should you start when you’re trying to build the perfect Winter wardrobe? How do you choose pieces that you know you’ll get the wear out of? 

Picture versatile, comfy, smart yet casual, timeless and don’t forget LAYERING! Become a staple and basic’s shopper, choose pieces you’ll get more wear out of, pieces you can wear winter after winter.

Trench Coats

Neutral trench coats are an A/W essential for me, the ultimate trans-seasonal piece. They’re a timeless classic you’ll wear forever. Invented for practicality during World War I, the coat has become a wardrobe staple from its original military use. 

Paired with trainers, leggings, a bold knit or thick hoodie you will create a casual but effortless put together look. To accessorise, either a neutral cap or a pair of bold sunglasses. If you’re wanting something smarter try a pair of black jeans or leather look pants with a pair of heels or boots. 

Cable Knit Vests 

For seasonal texture, a chunky knit with cable knit detailing will keep you warm during these crisp cold days and they’re ideal for layering. You simply can’t go wrong, paired with trousers, leggings, skirts, over shirt dresses, even shorts for when those milder autumnal days sneak in.  

Whether you’re opting for an afternoon walk and Sunday roast or looking to dress it up with a pair of heeled boots, cable knits will always be the perfect fit. 


A sturdy pair of boots is an essential for any A/W wardrobe. Once you find a pair that are comfortable and you feel great in, you’ll wear them constantly – which is why they’re the perfect investment. 

From chunky soles or like this A/W, knee-high’s which have dominated the catwalks, there’s a style for everyone. Partnered with dresses, skirts, jeans, leggings, you name it they’ll go. Throw over a trench and you have automatically created a classy, sophisticated, yet easeful look. 


The right blazer has the ability to add style, sophistication, elegance and trend to any outfit. Jeans and a tee? Yes. A dress? Of course. Joggers? Absolutely. Anything can be layered beneath an oversized blazer. The best part about a blazer are the numerous styling options available to you. 

The original office attire has evolved to become a must-have wardrobe staple, the capabilities are endless when it come to a blazer, which is why they’re a perfect investment piece.


Leather Trousers  

When the temperature drops, effortlessly layering knits and jackets with a leather look makes a statement. Whether you’re faux or real, flared, or slim fitting, there’s a pair out there to suit every style and budget. Black is classic and easy to style, tan/ beige approaches more warmly to the trend. With a chunky knit, a shirt, a tee or a hoodie, you look like you know how to put together a good fit.  

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