Modelled by the resident cool girls of the fashion world – Bella Hadid, Iris Law and Stella Jones, this collection is sure to be Heaven on earth. 

By Maisie Turner

Coppola’s “The Virgin Suicides”

As 90s and Y2K fashion is having its big comeback, there seems to be no better time for Marc Jacobs cool girl brand, Heaven, to announce the launch of their “The Virgin Suicides” capsule collection. The film, directed by Sofia Coppola in 2000, and based on the book by Jeffrey Eugenides perfectly encapsulates the hazy style of that era. Based on five sisters in the 70s, the film navigates the story of American adolescence in its rawest form and how these five sisters came to meet their death’s so tragically.  

Heaven, as described on the Marc Jacobs website is “a gateway into the sprawling and enigmatic omniverse of Marc Jacobs subversion.” That it certainly is, from sweet as candy colour palettes to Steve Madden-esqe platform sandals, this branch of Marc Jacobs brand will have you nostalgic for a time you may not even have been alive for. 

 The customer base for Heaven seems to be the angsty teen who has an eye for fashion, so this ‘The Virgin suicides’ capsule collection is a very smart move from the brand. Not only is there a beautiful selection of garments, such as smooth as satin skirts with characters faces printed on them, cosy hoodies and sheer mesh shirts, but also a selection of books and memorabilia curated by Isabella Burley and CLIMAX BOOKS

Much like the film, the Heaven brand has slight cult following. This collection makes complete sense for the brand, seeing as Sofia Coppola is Marc Jacobs long-time friend, there seems to be no better collaboration that completely embodies the message behind the brand, pays homage to the film and satisfies its customer base at the same time.