By Jack Heaney

Christmas can be a difficult time to find gifts for people that they’ll adore – especially if they are as picky as a sneakerhead. For those of you who are thinking “what the f**k is a sneakerhead?!”, simply put, it’s somebody who’s crazy about their shoes or ‘sneakers’. If there’s someone that springs to mind when you read this, I can guarantee they will love any of these seven affordable gifts for Christmas. 

1. Socks

For sneakerheads, socks are a big thing. Wearing a pair of Adidas socks with any other brand of footwear (especially Nike) is a no-go. So, what better way to treat your sneakerhead than with the correct socks! Our top pick is this Nike Pack of 3:

2. Shoe protector 

Shoe protector is a great stocking-filler as it is incredibly useful in providing a layer of defence to your kicks. There are many different variations on the market, including Liquiproof and Attirecare but our best pick is the Crep Protect Spray offering a Gift Pack Bundle perfect for Christmas!

Probably the fastest acting protection spray on the market, the spray offers an ‘ultimate rain and stain resistant barrier’ in under twenty minutes. The directions on how to apply the product are easy to follow and are located on the back of the spray can, or alternatively you can find them here.  

3. Cleaning Product

Of course, the spray suggested previously should only be applied to clean shoes, so what are you supposed to do if the shoes have already been run through the mud? Look no further, than this Jason Markk Cleaning Kit

The cleaning kit consists of a 4oz shoe cleaning formula (containing no harsh chemicals or abrasives) along with a cleaning brush. Cleaning up to 100 pairs of footwear, this small but mighty solution is perfect for any sneakerhead. Alternatively, if you wish to spend a few more pounds on that special someone, Jason Markk does offer a Travel Kit, which alongside the solution and the brush, it also includes a branded microfibre towel to wipe off any excess liquid from the shoes and quick wipes to keep your kicks fresh on the go.  

4. Shoe Keyring

Key rings aren’t usually a gift you tend to think about getting, they’re more something you tend to pick up along the way whilst shopping for other gifts, but they will always be used, so they are perfect as a stocking-filler. Etsy, a creative marketplace, where small business owners may sell their goods (most often than not, handmade) to customers, is a fantastic place to start shopping for small Christmas gifts, especially shoe keyrings, just like this one: 


5. Prints

Prints are a great way to brighten up your walls and give them a bit of character. They also give you a chance to look at and appreciate those ‘grail’ shoes without having to fork out hundreds of pounds for them. One of my favourite prints is this, available to purchase on Etsy.  

6. Shoe Candle

These candles (found, again, on Etsy!) are perfect little gifts to fulfil those home décor desires. Made from vanilla-scented wax, these candles ‘transform the ambience of your rooms with a soft glow’.  

7. Publication

Publications are usually a sort of niche gift in the sense that not everyone loves reading. However, any of these books below are sure to be perfect for both avid readers and beginners.  

Both books are available to buy from The Hip Store and can be found here:

The Rise of Sneaker Culture

The Ultimate Sneaker Guide