By Kasia Newbould

Whether you love them or hate them, the craze of the Croc has certainly made its way back into our lives. From the classic block colours and faux fur lining to an endless choice of charms that make your kicks one-of-a-kind, there is a Croc out there for everybody. 

For many of us, the Crocs were just a pair of shoes we used to throw on to take out the rubbish (mine were the infamous neon pink style), but now the fad footwear seems to be invading millions of closets and dominating the high street with sales soaring through the roof. Drapers reported in 2021 that the footwear brand saw a 93% rise in sales to $641m (£465m), in the company’s second quarter to 30 June 2021. Now that’s a lot of Crocs kicking about.

While they are arguably not the most luxurious form of footwear, the Croc has had its fair share of catwalk debuts with high-end designers such as Christopher Kane and most famously with Balenciaga in 2018; where the four-inch platform shoe stormed social media feeds across the world. Oh – and in case you were wondering – they cost an eye-watering $850 (£600).  

Christopher Kane SS17, collection showcased earth-toned marble inspired prints and mineral stone Jibbitz. Image courtesy of Christopher Kane.
Balenciaga SS18, sent the infamous four-inch rubber sole down the catwalk in a bright yellow hue. Image courtesy of Balenciaga.

You can also thank the brand’s series of collaborations with celebrities like Justin Bieber, Diplo and Post Malone for allowing millions of fans to connect with their idols and even more – dress like them.

From Post Malone’s tattoo inspired Jibbitz (those little charms you stick on your Crocs) to Diplo’s psychedelic patterns, each collaborator puts a unique and exclusive spin on the classic shoe. All for more the reason to buy them, right?

It must be since the majority of these releases sell out within hours. In fact, Justin Bieber’s first drop sold out within just two hours in the US and Post Malone’s collab became such a success, he’s worked with the brand five times since 2018.

Justin Bieber x Crocs. The singer released his spin on the shoe, deciding on a bold yellow and releasing eight customisable Jibbitz charms. Image courtesy of Crocs.
Post Malone x Crocs. The rapper is up to his fifth collaboration with the brand, each one incorporating different ‘Posty-themed’ Jibbitz charms. Image courtesy of WWD.
Diplo x Crocs. The American DJ’s collaboration features psychedelic patterns and even glow in the dark mushroom Jibbitz charms. Image courtesy of Crocs.

Now that we’ve established that the Croc is not the most stylish shoe, we can all accept that they are undoubtedly one of – if not, the most comfortable shoe. So, it comes as no surprise that they have become the staple shoe in this post-pandemic life, where comfort is key. Now the Croc is the perfect addition to spice up the sweats you can’t bring yourself to change out of. 

As for the perfect pair? You are sure to find them as Crocs offers an enormous range of styles at affordable prices – from £39.99 for the Classic Crocs and up to £70 for the limited-edition collaboration ranges. You can also find the striking shoe across the high street in shops like Urban Outfitters, Schuh, OFFICE and Sports Direct.

The future of the Croc remains to be seen but for now it looks like they’re not going away any time soon. If you thought the four-inch platform Croc was crazy, Balenciaga has gone one step further and teamed up with the company once again for their spring collection to create the Croc rainboot and – are you ready? The Croc stiletto.

Balenciaga SS22. The second collaboration between the two polar brands equally encapsulates the characteristics of both. Featuring a heel on the famous rubber shoe, you can buy the stilettoes for £450 here. Image courtesy of Harper’s Bazaar.

Yes, you heard it. Contradicting it’s original practical purpose, the designer has taken its spin on the shoe, adding a heel to its rubber sole, proving that there are endless possibilities for the Croc so who knows what the future holds?