By Harriet Grewer

Whether you’re chilling on a Sunday afternoon or looking for a new way to style loungewear, everyone needs a new youtuber to binge watch on the daily.

As lockdown continues to create more time for us to practise self-love, a need for new and exciting YouTube content becomes apparent. To save your precious time, here are some of the most popular fashion and lifestyle content creators for you to sit back and relax to.

Elle Darby

There’s no questions that when it comes to lifestyle content Elle Darby has set the bar high. Elle’s relatable yet wholesome content of her growing family has captured the YouTube communities attention and entertained OG subscribers for many years. Everything from home transformations to holiday vlogs, Elle and Con have done it all. So if you’re looking for some authentic, homely content then you need to watch Elle’s videos.   

Hannah Renee

Hannah’s main focus is creating makeup and get ready with me videos, helping subscribers recreate her looks with the products she uses. Her kind and friendly personality shines through as she chats away about her everyday life. Hannah is the queen of flawless skin looks and bronzed eyes, so be sure to have a search through her video.

Sophia and Cinzia

Sophia and Cinzia are the best friends you never had, they cover a variety of topics including challenge videos, mukbangs, hauls and weekly vlogs. Their bubbly and energetic energy is contagious and it’ll leave you laughing out loud. If you are looking for a girl chat, look no further.

Meggan Grubb

Meggan creates a variety of fitness, fashion and vlog style content, her uplifting energy and smile are every thing you need to get you through a rubbish day. Meggan is an open book and enjoys chatting to her subscribers about mental health and self-care, all while managing to put a smile on our face. Meggan’s feel good, relatable content is a great mood booster for anyone looking to brighten up their day.

Lydia Elise Millen

Lydia offers her subscribers all things luxury, a range of lifestyle vlogs and fashion hauls makes her channel the ideal place for sophisticated like-minded individuals to relax and indulge in everything chic. Lydia’s stylish home and luxurious lifestyle will leave you feeling inspired.

Sarah Ashcroft

Sarah is a fun and laidback creator that shares beauty, fashion and weekly vlog content. Not only is her minimalist and sports luxe style something to admire, but the down to earth feel to her videos, along with refreshing positivity, makes Sarah a must watch Youtuber. Her welcoming and laidback approach to life is the reason why we love her.

Be sure to have a browse, you won’t be disappointed.