Written by Charlotte Nunnerley

For the past five years, the skinny jean has run the menswear world. Whilst some end above the ankle and some below, it didn’t matter as long as they were skin-tight.  

The day has arrived for the wide-leg jeans. Whether you’re buying for yourself, a friend or a partner, it’s great to invest in these items. Finding sustainable denim is essential due to longevity and sustainability.  

Not only is the width of jeans changing, but some garments are using much thinner materials. Technical features such as accessible pockets and sport styling have created a post-lockdown comfort look—the denim chinois in following the blend of smart and casual. The tapered leg allows the footwear to stand out, and the silhouette resonates with retro aesthetics. 

Levis Stay Loose Jeans 

Levis has recently come out with their brand-new Hang Loosen Up jeans. These effortless classic blue denim jeans are beautiful. From width to length to how they sit on the hips is perfect for streetwear.  

The Hang Loosen Up jeans take inspiration from the 90s; at Spoiled Nation, we reckon that The Fresh Prince would undoubtedly agree. The greatest thing about these jeans is that they are made with 77% cotton and 23% Hemp. This allows Levis to use 96% less water than the standard finish techniques and fewer chemicals that other brands would us.  

The non-stretch denim makes it great for longer wash intervals. Not having to wash after every wear is essential due to the number of fibres released during the process.  

Although these come with a high price tag of £100, they’re certainly an investment piece that will travel through the decades with you. 

Good On You‘ is an app that rates the sustainable efforts of brands. They give Levis a 3/5, sharing their main fault is providing living wages for its workers. Their main advantage was using less water during manufacture.  

ARKETs Loose Black Wash Jeans 

ARKETs denim consists of 100% organic cotton. These jeans take inspiration from the chino trend, tapering the leg in slightly at the bottom. The comfortable fit is paired with a button and reinforced pockets to increase durability.  

These Jeans in black are ideal for a night-time look. In the summer, a white linen shirt, slightly unbuttoned at the top, would also be a winning look.  

At £69, these jeans are more affordable than Levis. These don’t have the same classic feel as Levis but are still a great buy over a traditional fast-fashion brand, worth the investment.  

Good On You rated ARKET as 3/5. Claiming they have excellent supply-chain policies but creates short-lived products.  

Patagonia Straight Fit Jeans 

These jeans are an excellent introduction to the wider leg if you’ve only ever worn skinny jeans. The straight fit still gives a strong silhouette without losing your body underneath.  

Patagonia’s jeans are durable with weather-resistant organic cotton and polyester fabric blend to add comfort.  

Their Fair-Trade styles are 83%, way above their competitors, showing their movement towards sustainable clothing. At £82, these would make an excellent gift for a loved one.  

Good On You gives its highest rating of the three to Patagonia. It’s eco-friendly materials, and supply train management gives it a 4/5.  

Jeans are a stylish investment item, something that should last a lifetime. Finding the perfect jeans is a great feeling and can be matched with any top. Find your sustainable piece to complement your wardrobe.