Written by Annie Gilson. 

PANGAIA (pan | pæn — gaia | gı̄ə) is a brand with a mission, to start a movement and create a better future. The name itself stands for: 

“Pan — All-inclusive, especially in relation to the whole of a continent, racial group or religion. 

Gaia — Mother Earth.” 

A company on a journey to create products that are as sustainable and recyclable as possible, with a collective of scientists, technologists and designers behind the creation of this innovative movement. PANGAIA is a fashion brand that produces high-quality, everyday essential garments for its consumer but also contributes and benefits the planet in one way or another.  

The Mission 

A direct-to-consumer company whose aim is bring advanced textile revolutions into everyday lifestyle products, accessible to everyone. These wardrobe essentials use a range of bio-based, recycled fibres and materials made from recycled plastic bottles, amalgamating natural botanical dyes produced from natural sources such as plants. Enabling for its consumers to make sustainable choices without compromising style.  

Learn more about the breakthrough technology and materials used by PANGAIA here

PANGAIA’s vision in three goals: 

  1. Making our impact visible: we share our impact and outline our goals. 
  1. Working towards a better future: we close the loop on our resource use by improving supply chain visibility, striving to take less from the planet and keeping materials in circulation. 
  1. Becoming Earth Positive: our most ambitious goal, we become net-positive across every resource we use. 


A brand big on giving back to the planet, PANGAIA is involved with various charities and organisations. These include: 

Tomorrow Tree Fund: With a goal to plant, protect and restore 1 million trees to help save the environment – For everyone one PANGAIA product purchased, one tree is planted for the Tomorrow Tree Fund. In 2020 PANGAIA helped plant, protect and restore over 160,000 trees. 

Bee The Change Fund: With a goal to protect and preserve vulnerable and endangered bee species globally – PANGAIA raised over $46,000 to protect the bees in 2020.  

Together for Tomorrow: Ongoing support of COVID-19 relief, racial justice and gender equality work – Raising over $100,000 for organisations fighting for racial justice, Australian wildfire support, Covid-19 relief funds and many more. 

The PANGAIA Impact Report for 2020 showcases all the work they’ve done to identify their impact on the planet, reflecting upon all the challenges faced as well as setting important goals for 2021.  

A company focused on becoming an Earth Positive business that gives back more than it takes. An important and valuable brand message that is tactically some of the most critical issues the planet is facing, whilst also being transparent and candid about the work they are doing and how they are trying to better themselves as a company. An inspiring movement, one that will hopefully influence many. 

Alternate feature image- Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash