Written by Carrie-Beth Blackburn.

In 2020 15.6million of us in the UK decided to listen to a podcast. Whether you’re taking your daily walk or simply trying to cut down on screen time, it’s safe to say that podcasts have been a great form of escapism this past year and as we’re making our way through the start of 2021 they have been just as popular. The fashion industry has decided to hop onto this trend and challenge the belief that fashion can only ever be consumed as a visual medium. Individuals have taken to platforms such as Spotify and Audible to have conversations with some of the top names in fashion about how to find work in the industry, stories behind some of the most iconic brands and some of the fashion industries challenges. Despite only consuming this content through a pair of earphones, some of the stories and topics can evoke a range of emotions for the listeners. If you’re new to this media, don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the most influential fashion podcasts and where you can listen to them. 

Fashion No Filter 

Fashion No Filter is a UK based podcast that offers an on-the-ground take on the fashion industry and an all-inclusive access pass into behind-the-scenes of how it operates. The hosts are fashion journalist Monica Ainley and influencer Camille Charrière and like the podcast name, there is no filter, the two tell all in their introspective stories about working in fashion as well as exploring pop-culture, taboo topics and current trends. The hosts have an almost euphuistic list of connections that have shared their wisdom on the show including Mugler’s creative director Casey Cadwallader and celebrity stylist Kate Young. Fashion No Filter is a light-hearted and chatty podcast, a perfect digital companion to help you get through a few daily chores. To keep up with the podcast you can check out the Instagram page and stream the podcast straight from Spotify.  

Directionally Challenged.  

Directionally Challenged is a podcast focused on ‘realigning your internal compass’ and on a glance might not sound like a fashion focused podcast. The hosts, Candic (King) and Kayla (Ewell) best known for their roles in The Vampire Diaries, have a wealth of knowledge and a boastful list of connections in the fashion industry. Guests that have appeared on the Podcast include Leesa Evans who worked as an assistant designer on the cult classic film Clueless and our favourite Australian mermaid turned loungewear designer Pheobe Tonkin. Directionally challenged offers a laid-back 60 minutes of open conversation into guests’ stories on how their careers came to fruition, along with advice and insight into some of the challenges working in the industry. The podcast can be streamed directly from the Directionally Challenged website alongside SpotifySoundCloud and Apple Podcast

The Wardrobe Crisis 

If you’re a fashion enthusiast that feels compelled to influence a positive change in the industry, then this is the podcast for you. The Wardrobe Crisis is hosted by Clare Press, a sustainable fashion journalist, who invites guests onto weekly episodes to discuss an array of somewhat considered out of bounds topics within the fashion industry including activism, ethics and sustainability. Some of the episodes include interviews with NAZMA AKTER, leader of the Bangladesh Garment Worker Union, and Greenpeace activist Kirsten Brodde. The Wardrobe Crisis can be streamed on SpotifyApple Podcast and Stitcher.