Written by Carrie-Beth Blackburn

This year the four-day invitation to London Fashion Week is set to take place between 19-23 February and for the second consecutive year it is going to be digital. An event that is profound for its exclusive allure and glamour is now accessible for us to watch in the comfort of our own homes. We will probably be lusting over Molly Goddard latest Villanelle creation whilst serving our finest loungewear couture. As the Fashion industry continues to adapt to monumental change amid the pandemic, it has left us scouting out digital showcases and thinking, ‘this is a change the industry should adopt.’ 

Balenciaga have proved how showcasing collection concepts digitally can result in a closer consumer to brand relationship. Balenciaga offered consumers a glimpse into the future with their A/W 21 showcase in the form of a video game Aftermath: The Age of Tomorrow; A collaboration with Dimension in which they described the game as “a radical immersive adventure.”  

Source: Instagram @elinor_shahar_pm (9/12/2020)

The game is available on any device and the futuristic concept allows your avatar to roam suburbs and forest raves leading you to a mountain for an enigmatic ending. Throughout the game passers-by are displaying the collection which features androgynous silhouettes and logo covered designs. This is a showcase that could inspire the future of runway fashion. It is not the first time that high-fashion designers have ventured into creative digital pathways to exhibit their collections. In the past Moschino partnered with The Sims and both Marc Jacobs and Valentino are in collaboration with Animal Crossing.  

These designer collaborations are an extreme version of how digital showcase can be successful and now the fashion industry has no option but to adopt this change. The digitised event gives emerging designers a tremendous platform to be able to connect and inspire fashion-savvy consumers beyond a five-minute catwalk show. Digital Fashion Week does not need to replace the in-real-life event entirely however it does offer an opportunity for expanding inclusivity, emotion and storytelling that the industry thrives on as well as building a larger and more engaged community. 

Will Fashion Week continue to embrace digital showcasing after the pandemic or will we be fighting for a spot on the guest list for the next in-person event? We think a harmonious combination of the two is where the industry is heading as the industry tries to adopt a more sustainable change.