Written by Lily Hall

Endless amounts of walks, movie days and WFH has, to say the least, been a stressful and uneventful time. With nowhere to go and nobody to see, there has been a spike in the love for loungewear. Pre-Covid, if anybody can even remember that time, leggings, sweatpants and hoodies were things that you wore when you were relaxing rather than everyday attire. However, brands have clearly noticed the ever-growing trend of fashionable loungewear and so, we have put together a list of independent brands (to support the smaller businesses!) for all your loungewear needs. 

Ten Studio  

Established in 2017, Ten Studio creates high quality, customisable clothing. Having recently branched out into loungewear, they offer minimalistic shapes but with bold, vibrant colours and slogans (which, of course, can all be personalised). Another bonus is that Ten Studio make their garments using off cuts which minimises waste and is a step in the right direction towards sustainability. 

Sisters + Seekers 

This brand is the queen of taking oversized loungewear and making it super stylish. They have slower collection releases making the apparel more sustainable and they have a brand promise that they try to reduce single use plastic as much as possible from development through to delivery. The brand prides itself on quality and attention to detail alongside a community of ‘empowered sisters’ to make the brand inclusive to everyone. They create hoodies with slogans like ‘Isolation Generation’ and ‘Make Hugging Great Again’ which are very fitting for the current climate. 

Novel Mart 

Who could not love a combination of food and loungewear, which is all we seem to be loving in lockdown? Novel Mart create varsity vibe loungewear in a variety of colours which I haven’t seen anywhere else – think Carbonara hoodie, Croissant cap and a Chateauneuf du Pape t-shirt. This is loungewear that will bring a smile to anyone’s face and perfect as a ‘pick-me-up’ gift for a friend.