Written by Harriet Botwright

“When size five was average the industry would think providing two sizes above to a seven was just about the fringe of adequate for women, but now that it’s a six, we should be seeing far more eights and even nines as standard,” says Dr Jill Halstead-Rastrick from College of Podiatry.

Let’s look at the classic story, Cinderella. We thought Cinderella had it bad, but the real victims in this story are the ‘evil’ stepsisters. It wasn’t such a happy ending for the sisters when the glass slipper only fit Cinderella’s dainty feet. The pressure they were under to fit into the slipper almost reflects society today. What if women across the world are struggling just as much to fit into the perfect shoe?

Size inclusivity has been a hot topic all over social media. With fast-fashion brands, like Pretty Little Thing and Boohoo, creating body positive movements, surely it’s time for high-end brands to follow?

Look no further. The British luxury-shoe designer, Sophia Webster, has recently announced that she will be introducing sizes up to an EU 46 (UK 11.5) in her new collection, available online now!

Sophia Webster founded London’s most well-liked footwear brand in 2012. Sophia was awarded Conde Nast’s Footwear Emerging Designer of the Year in 2012 for her combination of feminine design and sophistication.

Since then, Sophia has continued to flourish by becoming the first female shoe designer in history to receive the BFC Vogue Fashion Fund in 2016. Oh there’s more!

The brand, Sophia Webster, offers a pair of shoes for all occasions. Including its bridal range, sports range and even its ‘mini’ kids footwear range to match their mummy’s heels. On top of that, Sophia Webster provides the perfect clutch to match.

After reading Jess Cole’s article on Vogue on why the fashion industry should have bigger sizes in feminine footwear, Sophia recognised a gap in the market. “It’s really exciting that we’re in a place now that we can offer sizes up to an EU 46,” says Sophia.

After releasing the news on its Instagram page, it has received a lot of positive responses from fans. Even Jess Cole, a model and journalist, has been rooting for Sophia Webster by describing the brand as “freedom of choice.”

It’s not enough to have one high-end brand to follow this trend, but congratulations to Sophia Webster on starting the revolution. Let’s hope we see more high-end brands follow in her footsteps.

Just goes to show, you don’t need to be Cinderella to fit into the perfect glass slipper.