Step aside A$AP Rocky and Kanye, we’ve found some of the most iconic male style icons you probably wouldn’t have thought of.

Written by Robert Hewson

Jonah Hill

Jonah Hill, or the fit god, as he’s better known to his cult followers. Not someone who you would immediately think of when it comes to a style icon, Jonah Hill has refined his style over the past few years and has become known for some of his iconic street style outfits. So much so that menswear podcast, Failing Upwards, even created a whole day dedicated to Jonah Hill simply because of his style. He even attended the annual event the second time, after he passed on the first one because he thought they were just making fun of him. Further from the truth in fact, they are obsessed with him. Jonah has since done several adverts for streetwear brand Palace and directed his own film ‘Mid-90s’ which is heavily inspired by the 90s LA skateboarding culture and aesthetic.

Seth Rogan

Another name similar to Jonah Hill, Seth Rogan. Seth is far from known for his style. In fact, he’s much more recognised for his stoner comedy films and love for weed in general. However, in the May ‘19 edition of GQ, he showed us exactly what his style consists of. A lot of prints, flowing bowler shirts and fine tailored suits that left everyone thinking, where on earth did this come from? 

Jeff Goldblum

Actor, screenwriter, jazz connoisseur… and probably the most stylish man in all of Hollywood. Often overlooked as a style icon, Jeff Goldblum not only has the style but the eccentric personality to match. Which is what style should be, an extension of yourself.  The 67-year old father of two, shows dads everywhere that style has no age limit. From Prada shirts, skinny Saint Laurent fits to oversized suit fits, he really does have it all.

Shia Labeouf

Shia Labeouf is an enigma to many, from his days as a child actor up to now, he’s had a few questionable moments. But besides from that, he’s also gained cult status amongst many a streetwear fanatic for his DGAF style. The normcore renaissance man, he really can do it all. From action man chic to vintage varsity fits, no matter what this man does, he looks comfy doing it.

Robin Williams

More often referenced for his outlandish comedy, the late Robin Williams was truly a fashion icon ahead of his time. Looking back in hindsight, some of his outfits are like what you’d see on the street style pages for fashion week. Flame shirts with khaki chinos sounds similar to what you’d see in Prada’s S/S collection. Robin Williams, an icon in every sense of the word.

Larry David

Creator of the hit US sitcom Seinfeld, as well as many others, Larry David became an unintentional style phenomenon, with his anti-fashion fits, creating what we know today as normcore. Always going for the comfy and cosy look instead of trying to be flash, David pioneered the normcore trend and you could say, he walked so Shia Labeouf could run. Larry’s looks always have the classic Dad vibe and are most of the time accompanied by the ultimate Dad shoe, the New Balance 990s.