Written by Robert Hewson

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In this day and age of fast fashion and constant consumerism, it’s hard for brands to keep up with the ever-changing cultural climate whilst maintaining a unique aesthetic at a fair price. 

Fast fashion retailers are often criticised for their lack of quality, creativity and conditions in which their products are made. This can make it hard for the conscious consumer on a budget, however one brand in particular stands out from the rest. Weekday

A bit of background

Originally called Weekend, Weekday is a Swedish fashion brand founded in 2002. Influenced by street style and youth culture, Weekday offers a unique take on ‘fast-fashion’ with minimalist designs and a curated selection of clothing that is considered and maintains an aesthetic. 

Weekday joined the H&M group in 2008 and has since been able to expand into 19 markets with 44 stores in 12 countries. Some may question the Weekday’s association with H&M, however the brand maintains a scrupulous sustainability plan – TAG with recycling materials, good labour conditions and innovation being at the forefront.


“Let’s make sustainable choices for the people we love, the communities we serve and the planet we share.” – Weekday

RE-THINK Is Weekday’s sustainability project in which they promote sustainability in both their business and in their consumers. The three key areas for this project are;

  • Production: The production aspect of this project focusses on key areas such as Recycled materials, Plastic, Water, CO2, Chemicals, Animals, Innovations and Labour.
  • Society: This part of the plan incapsulates the campaigns and collections which Weekday do. It allows includes their involvement with certain charities and organisations that offer support to communities around the world.
  • Your part: The final part of the plan looks toward their consumer and what they can do to become more sustainable. Weekday offer multiple ways in which their consumer can become more sustainable, one is that they will potentially buy second hand clothing from their consumers. They also offer tips for how to take care of your garments in a more sustainable way. Finally, they offer a recycling service where people can drop clothes off at one of Weekday’s stores and they will recycle the clothing for them.

£12 zeitgeist t-shirts

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Zeitgeist is a weekly on-demand print offering in which Weekday pick an aspect of culture to commentate on. Established in 2011, the ever-running collection offers simple yet powerful designs which reflect upon our society. Providing takes on a variety of subjects ranging from politics to pop culture, the Zeitgeist collection gives Weekday a voice which is rare to see. As most brands tend to steer away from hot topics to protect their bottom line, Weekday do the opposite. 

By covering these topics, they’re spreading awareness on important issues which potentially affect all of us. Inspiring many to take note and act on what’s happening in our society. Something that further distances themselves from their competitors and creates a loyal following amongst like-minded individuals.