Written and Interviewed by Olivia Rostron.

An interview with Emma Alexander.

Recently here at Spoiled Nation, we had the privilege of sitting down to interview retail powerhouse Emma Alexander, fashion director for Very.

Previously Jack Wills‘ chief product officer, Alexander was responsible for the brands global offering, leading a team of 75 comprising of buyers, designers and sourcing members. Prior to this, Alexander was brand director of USC, responsible for the brands revival. She has also worked in senior roles for Marks and Spencer’s and River Island. She is a lady with a lot of experience in the fashion marketing industry and we couldn’t wait to sit down with her for a chat.

Why did you want to work in fashion?

“My grandfather had a factory in the east end of London making ladies coats. I spent hours in the factory learning about the industry. This gave me the bug to get into the industry. Really it’s always been a passion”.

Who inspires you?

“That’s an interesting question. Many influences inspire me. My children give me the drive to succeed. My yoga keeps me grounded and calm. My love for all things beautiful keeps me going and my team give me the motivation to do a great job. Finally and most importantly my Father taught me I could do anything and to have no fear, be brave and never give up”.


To what do you owe your success?

“Me…I worked hard and showed massive drive and ambition from an incredibly young age”. 

If you could give your 20-year-old self-advice, what would it be?

“To be a lawyer (maybe)! Fashion is a tough industry and it’s evolving fast. I would suggest focusing on digital experience every time”.


What’s next in your career?

“I hope to continue to do a great job and inspire people in fashion for another 10 years.  I then plan on opening a holistic wellness retreat near the seaside”. 

Spoiled Nation can not wait to watch Emma Alexander continue to progress and hope to see the unveiling of her idyllic wellness retreat in the future. Which other influential fashion figures would you like us to interview?