Written by Kathryn Smith

In today’s world, our personal appearance plays a fundamental part on our lives. The morning ritual can be incredibly time consuming, starting with what outfit to wear and how to style our hair. How we look is a primary focus in our everyday lives. Why is this?

What is fashion?

Fashion is educational. It reveals certain characteristics about an individual, as well as uniting cultures. It is also about the ever changing trends that are consistently being followed, this is through the power of celebrity endorsement.

The pressure for Generation Z

To Generation Z, our appearance is almost seen as a competition. The influence of celebrities and influencers such as, Tia Lineker and Gigi Hadid create a lot of pressure to look ‘perfect’ all the time.

Gen Z’s are wearing makeup younger than ever and, unfortunately, social media is portraying this image that makeup is what makes you beautiful. No wonder our morning routine is so time consuming!

Social media is huge in today’s world. It is used as a way to connect with friends, family, celebrities and many more. It has the power to open up the world, making it a smaller place than ever before.

This makes it incredibly easy for people to connect with celebrities they wouldn’t have the chance to in person. Celebrities influence our appearance on society, making it easier for fashion designers to create awareness of their new designs. The power of social media and influencers are huge.