by Katie Fox

Temple coffee & donuts

Unit 3 Burley court, burley place, Kirkstall, Leeds

Temple donuts situated in Kirkstall in Leeds is the coolest little spot to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth. They offer a large range of instagrammable vegan donuts and amazing coffee shop style drinks, every season they mix up the flavours of the donuts to fit the time of year like pumpkin ones for Halloween and chocolate orange as part of the Christmas menu.
Temple donuts has a rather large online following with over 23,000 Instagram followers which plays a big part in their advertising. They regularly post customers snaps onto their story, when they have lost of donuts left over and they go 2 for 1 as well as al their new flavours and merchandise they offer like their cool socks, tote bags an mugs as well as coin purses, cushions and cool car air freshers (making the perfect gift) . Temple donuts insta feed is enough to make your mouth water or borderline give you a filling, but we tried and tested them for you and we definitely say they are worth every calorie.

When visiting Temple donuts we tried the Orea cream long john with a fresh homemade cloudy lemonade as well as the caramel filled, salted caramel glaze with a chocolate pretzel dazzle as well as a cold brew latte and they were both to die for!!
The oreo cream long john was filled with a soft, creamy filling which danced on the tongue, this hit you just after crunching into the crumbly oreo pieces situated on top of the long donut. The homemade cloudy lemonade was the perfect amount of tangy and amazing on a warm summer’s day.
All temples donuts and drinks are all vegan which is one of the reasons the owners created the business, they loved donuts but struggled to find donuts which were 100% suitable for vegans therefore decided to start their own shop (amazing for us) to add to this the staff are all friendly, smiley but most of all informatic, they all wear black temple t-shirts and some have lots of interesting tattoos.

Temple donuts is situation within basically a large storage unit which seems strange but the atmosphere within the coffee shop is lovely, they have wooden benches inside and outside, plants decorating the room, they play calm vibey music which adds to the overall experience.  you wouldn’t know to visit unless you knew about it due to its location but it is definitely worth a visit.  I personally think this makes it nicer because people will go out of their way from the city centre to visit the coffee shop and experience what temple has to offer.