By Olivia Watson
We are all a sucker for a quick fast fashion buy; whether you have a birthday party at the weekend and need a last-minute outfit or you have a ‘treat yourself’ moment and impulse buy a new jacket. Any occasion is an excuse for these fast fashion brands to be your go-to shopping haven.

The explore page of Instagram is exploding with brands such as PrettyLittleThing and promoting their newest collections, latest discount deals, giveaways, and not only that but they have hundreds ‘social influencers’ promoting their brands too. There is no escape from the fast fashion industry.

In an article by ADWEEK , they refer to the two type of social media users as ‘sprinklers’ and ‘vacuums’. The ‘sprinklers’ being those of social media influencers and fast fashion brands sprinkling discount codes, freebies and latest collections at us millennial’s, the ‘vacuums’.

Alex Prescott, Account Manager at Knapton Wright, explained that how over the past three years, the movement of styles from fashion shows to consumers has increased by 21%. That’s because with the advanced use of social media platforms today, who really needs a catwalk when you can post endless pictures and videos for everyone to see online?