Text by Jessica Beech.

The Grinch

Although it’s the middle of November in the eyes of consumerism ‘Tis the season to be jolly’ and whilst for many young ones it’s time to start preparing for the big man, for myself and many other post-adolescents it is the time of year where the days become shorter, much colder and it is acceptable to watch Elf three times a week whilst drinking wine and eating mince pies.

But where does this lack of love for the festive period start? And why is it embodied in many of us? Why is it that we see this time of year more of an excuse to go out drinking with friends continuously on the lead up to Christmas with the excuse of ‘festive drinking’? Where did it all go wrong? Is it down to the fact that moving on from high school results in less presents and more socks and fragrance gift sets? Yet receiving gifts isn’t the sole purpose of Christmas, it is seen to be a time of spending valuable time with loved ones bringing cheer and joy, making memories whilst pulling crackers, wearing paper crowns. But I would personally say 8/10 post-adolescents wake up Christmas morning with no intention of being joyful enough to finish their Christmas dinner and instead clinching on to the sofa, comforting a pillow feeling sorry for ourselves night before. But in an attempt to relight the dying flame of most post-adolescents love for Christmas I will try to spread the message that Christmas is for spending precious time with loved ones and being there for the ones that mean the most.

If you are reading this and relating back to yourself let me tell you put the gin down for Christmas eve it is not worth the hangover in the morning, save yourself for the big day and have a one too many round the table with Aunty Sue.