By Olivia Watson

Whether it is styling a brands ad campaign, contributing as Fashion Editor for GQ or acting as Editor-In-Chief of LOVE magazine. Katie Grand, is one very busy woman who has been gracing the fashion industry with her unique eye for style for almost three decades.


Grand’s most recent project has been that of styling ‘MuiMuisCroisieure2019’ ad campaign at the Hotel Regina in Paris, working with some of todays biggest rising models such as Kendall Jenner and Victoria’s Secret royalty Adriana Lima. Looking back at where she started in the early 1990s, appointed as the styling director for magazine Dazed and Confused which she and two of her graduate friends founded, she was then appointed fashion director of The Face in 1999.

Grand said as a child she was quite nerdy and one day something switched where all she wanted to be was ‘cool’. In an interview with BusinessofFashion in 2008, Katie explained how around the time of turning 13 and wanting to be as cool as her dad’s girlfriend who had recently moved to Birmingham, Grand thought her Warehouse clothing and style was terribly chic – that she herself began to wear waist-high tight red trousers and gathered leather skirts with quirky accessories. From a young age Grand just oozed style.

Grand was awarded the ‘Innovator of the Year’ award at a Gala at New York’s Museum of Modern Arts in October 2011 and none other than her close friend Marc Jacobs presented her with the award. Grand has worked with the Marc Jacobs brand for years and is currently the creative director of the womenswear, menswear and beauty campaigns for the brand.