By Olivia Jones


Photo by Buzzfeed

When Rihanna launched her cosmetic line, ‘Fenty Beauty’, her fellow competitors went into meltdown. With an amazing range of diverse foundation shades (40 shades!), it brought to light which makeup brands lacked an inclusive range such as this. The likes of ‘Tarte Cosmetics’, ‘IT Cosmetics’ and ‘YSL’ were among the few brands that were criticised for not producing a diverse range of shades and collectively choosing to create a collection for lighter skin tones. Throughout the Youtube community, beauty influencers were giving their opinions on the companies lack of inclusivity. Earlier this year, Youtuber and brand owner, Jeffree Star, gave his opinion on ‘Tarte Cosmetics’ new Shape Tape foundation;

“If you cannot create [an] all-inclusive shade range WHY is the product even being put out?” He stated, “There was a lot of controversy that went down with this and I am just… a little shocked and horrified when I saw the swatches and it looked like they had fifty shades of white and then like two shades for women of colour and it’s not acceptable.”

With Jeffree Star’s Youtube subscribers reaching a staggering 11 million, he has a platform that can affect and no doubt limit the number of sales big makeup brands such as ‘Tarte Cosmetics’ may receive. Considering the backlash, it was rumoured the makeup brand were releasing a further 15 shades; this is still yet to continue.

As the fashion and beauty industry is slowly becoming more diverse, it should be a prominent factor for well-known brands to consider this and expand on their inclusivity. As Jeffree Star stated in his Tarte Cosmetics review, “it’s not acceptable”.

Rihanna is killing the makeup game at the moment considering her diverse foundation shade range and her cosmetic products being proven to complement every skin tone. An amazing way to include and unify makeup enthusiasts around the world.

During the negativity which has stemmed from this lack of inclusivity, we anticipate the makeup community will listen and create products that give its customers the confidence to wear their products.