By Olivia J. Watson and Marie-Claire Mills


The teenagers of today lead a life we never imagined; going backwards with fashion, living present online and neglecting the reality of the future. A group of youthful looking people, dressed in a past-life style consisting of 90s puffer jackets, tracksuits and polo necks to name a few, gather in a Manchester estate to shoot the story behind the screen.

In the reality of social media, it’s all about where you are and what you’re doing. However, these images, inspired by Helen McGluckin, present the stripped back reality of Generation-Z through their youthful minimalism and androgynous look. The focus being solely on the models makes you question the ‘who’ on the screen. Are they in love? Is the love real? Where are they from? How did they meet? Are they even friends?

The film shot imagery makes us wonder if the reality of social media is actually the reality of the reverse. Recycling trends, stripping back the ‘what’ and focusing on the ‘who’ with just one kiss.