By Adam Dickson


Hidden off the high street in Thornton’s Arcade, a new haven for streetwear has emerged to provide Leeds with another conceptual fashion space in the ever-growing catalogue of independent clothing stores in the city.

Opening its doors in early October, the Tomorrow Store offers brands both heard, and unheard of which capture the style of Leeds – the store has something to offer everyone. From known brands like Dickies and Carhartt, to more niché brands like Ignored Prayers and Acorn Tapes, the Tomorrow Store has a wide array of pieces to allow people to find numerous ways to express their own interpretation of streetwear. 

Natives to Leeds are already aware of the huge streetwear scene in the city and welcome another shop, which gives them a chance to expand their arsenal of ‘edgy’ garments. As for first timers, one walk down the high-street and they will soon be aware of the streetwear scene and need somewhere to buy new clothes as they’ve just thrown out their old wardrobe for something a bit more tailored to Leeds. 

The name ‘Tomorrow’, perfectly captures the modern, light, clean cut appearance of the store and instils in the mind of passers-by that they stock the most up to date pieces and accessories from the catalogue of brands they work with. Before you even enter the shop, you get the feeling that they are already on the next trend before any other store in their field. The white floors and natural wooden shelves and cases allow the clothes and their sometimes-bold colours to stand out and draw you into further searching their inventory.

The Tomorrow Store is the streetwear store you never knew Leeds needed.

‘Tomorrow, shopping is a feeling’ – Shot by @reeceleung

Instagram – @tmrw_store