By Olivia Watson

Manchester: City of the North, renowned for its culture, music and love of football.

IMG_0114 photoshop.jpg

When you say Manchester, people assume you are talking about football or Oasis, little do they know the depth of the beautiful city.

From the Northern Quarter, to Spinningfields, from Ancoats to Deansgate, the city has so many ‘mini cities’ that there is a place for everyone to find what they are looking for. Northern Quarter specialises in making everyone feel welcome; with its quirky bars and vintage stores it prides itself in being unique and indie, with it’s chilled vibe soaring throughout its streets – it is definitely the place to go for that little something different to the norm.

If dancing till 3am and milkshake shacks aren’t your thing, you will probably feel more suited in the likes of Spinningfields. You can dine at Neighbourhood where Thursday is the new Saturday, and Flannels can fill your wardrobe with designer, it’s more chic.

As much as I love food and shopping, it isn’t all that the city of Manchester provides, Victoria Warehouse and Albert Hall provide endless amounts of music and has done for decades. Before the 2000’s, Manchester was home to The Hacienda that brought many famous faces to the city.

From music to food, culture to shopping, it is safe to say that the city provides everything you could ask for.