By Sophie Hales

In today’s digital age, influencer marketing is no longer just a marketing ‘fad’, but is considered an extremely successful advertising method and, in fact, is the best-for-ROI. According to Forbes, influencer marketing has proven to be the “most effective form of advertising (Forbes, 2017).

Brands are investing thousands on influencers to endorse their products and services in the hopes of accessing new consumers. In 2018, RhythmOne’s Influencer Marketing Benchmarks Report stated that; ‘Brands working on influencer marketing campaigns in 2017 spent an average of £51,891 per campaign – a year-on-year increase of 38.6%’ (RhythmOne, 2017). Whether it be video, photo or written posts, influencers having to create new and exciting content in order to stay relevant in the competitive influencer ‘world’.

So, if you are deciding whether social media influencers are for you or simply want to know who you should be following. Here, we have outlined the top influencers of the social media world for you, from fashion to food and everything in-between, use this as your influencer guide…

Fashion influencers

2018-10-28 (4)

# Alexa Chung

For many people @AlexaChung may need no introduction. The influencer, model and socialite has been shaping our wardrobes for over 10 fashionable years. Alexa has been able to use her iconic looks to gain over 3.1m followers on Instagram. With regular trend setting posts many may find themselves copying, Alexa is certainly a top contender.

Where to follow:

Instagram: @alexachung



2018-10-29 (13)

# Danielle Bernstein

@WeworeWhat aka Danielle Bernstein who founded her blog and Instagram whilst studying for her fashion degree and is now one of Instagram’s top fashion influencers with over 1.9m followers. Often pictured around the fashion capital, New York City, Daniella has turned her passion for fashion, into a dream career with her very own fashion collection.

Where to follow:

Instagram: @weworewhat 



2018-10-29 (19)

# Hollie Parsons

Although she may not have a following as large as the previous listed, Hollie Parsons from Bristol has become extremely influential in the UK. Particularly known for her incredible festival and holiday style inspiration, the beauty has gained over 117k followers and has even released a clothing line with UK fashion brand Hissy Fit Clothing. Hollie is often praised for her great sense of style by followers on Twitter.

Where to follow:

Instagram: @holliemparsons


Beauty influencers


# Huda Kattan

Huda Kattan not only has dominated the beauty market with her global makeup brand Huda Beauty but also through her strong social media presence. The Dubai based influencer runs a YouTube channel which is known to be ‘the most popular beauty vlog in the Middle East’. Huda also holds over 28.4m followers on Instagram, making her one of sitestop followed accounts.

Where to follow:

Instagram: @hudabeauty

YouTube: hudabeauty



2018-10-29 (28)# James Charles

Another beauty influencer high on the rank is YouTuber James Charles. During the start of his career James become known for his outrageous controversies. However, in the past year the talented makeup artist has grown his platform and become one of the beauty community’s biggest stars, with over 9.3m subscribers on YouTube, 8.8m followers on Instagram and befriending celebrities like Kylie Jenner.

Where to follow:

Instagram: @jamescharles

YouTube: jamescharles




# Holly Boon

UK YouTuber Holly Boon is another influencer to follow with almost 600k subscribers on YouTube and 401k followers on Instagram, the artist uses her platform to showcase her talent. Just yesterday it was announced that she will be releasing her own beauty brand HNB cosmetics.

Where to follow:

Instagram: @hollyboon_

YouTube: hollyboon


Travel influencers

2018-10-29 (35)# The Blonde Abroad

Kiersten Rich, or, The Blonde Abroad, is a top travel influencer with over 546k followers on her breath taking Instagram. Kiersten became an influencer after she quit her corporate career to travel the world… pretty inspirational right? Her feed features some of the world’s most beautiful destinations.

Where to follow:

Instagram: @theblondeabroad



2018-10-29 (39)# Muard and Nataly Osmann

Muard and Nataly Osmann started their influencing after posting photos of Nataly “leading” Murad to visit a new place, which actually began a trend amongst the travelling community. The husband and wife bloggers still post their photo trend with Nataly, standing with her arm holding onto Murad’s hand, in front of whichever beautiful location they are currently visiting. The trend setting couple have over 4.3m followers on the gram.

Where to follow:

Instagram: @muradosmann Verified


2018-10-29 (42)

# Bucket List Journey

Most of us have a bucket list full of locations we want to visit, for Annette White this has become her reality. The travel blogger is the brains behind the Bucket List Journey, with over 99.1k followers on Instagram she is able to use her platform to showcase the locations she has checked off her bucket list.

Where to follow:

Instagram: @bucketlistjourney


Fitness influencers

2018-10-29 (43)# Tammy Hembrow

Australian fitness goddess Tammy Hembrow was named by Cosmopolitan named her; “Woman Of The Year For Social Media Fitness in 2017.” Tammy uses her Instagram page with 8.8m followers promote a healthy lifestyle by posting inspirational body pictures, easy to follow workouts, fitness plans. Tammy collaborates with notable brands including Good American and Women’s Best. Earlier this year Tammy launched her own brand which was named after her daughter Saski.

Where to follow:

Instagram: @tammyhembrow



3EFC832D00000578-4385082-image-a-14_1491445384145# Kayla Itsines

Author of the “Bikini Body Guide” e-book series and founder of The Bikini Body Training Company, Kayla Itsines has become a major fitness influencer with amazing 10.3m followers on Instagram and subscribers 278k on YouTube where she posts short exercise videos daily. Her trusted workout routines and recipe guides have allowed her followers to see the effectiveness of the programme, often sharing before and after pictures of their ##n body transformations.

Where to follow:

Instagram: @kayla_itsines

YouTube: kaylaitsines




Joe-Wicks.09# Joe Wicks

Known as ‘the body coach’, Joe Wicks has become a UK household name after producing his “Lean in 15” cookbook series. With over 2.3 million followers, wicks uses Instagram to share inspirational healthy food and fitness tips. Along with his book series, the fitness fanatic has developed a 90-day program that includes various workout activities and numerous power recipes.

Where to follow:

Instagram: @thebodycoach