Images for print day 1

By Jessica Beech

Artist Jennifer Louise Martin brings a derealisation sensation throughout her recent series – The Absence of Presence.

Jennifer Louise Martin is an artist whose creative eye comes with an underlying context of the psychology process. Having studied Psychology, Martin maintains an interest surrounding the psychology of the female which lays as a foundation for her paintings.

Throughout Martin’s most recent series, The Absence of Presence, we notice an unavoidable lack of faces. But why? Displacing the figure or subject of interest creates this sense of detachment and ambiguity, something which came as a personal feeling from herself at the time; this ‘derealisation’ sensation. Derealisation is a feeling of being unreal or not being there, which explains the title The Absence of Presence or the distance that is established between the viewer and the paintings.

Although her paintings display her interest in fashion, pattern and colour, underneath the aesthetic of the work lies a psychological nature: “They are women and I am commenting on our conscious processes and what it means to be human.”

Find more of her work here.