By Emily Hamilton

“If we can sell 600, I make 400”

What inspires someone to spend £1000 on a second-hand jacket? What does Supreme have that other brands don’t?

Hype. Hype is the reason. Hype creates the buzz. Supreme, like no other clothes company, release limited stock in very few independent stores. With Supreme’s sizable fanbase, a subculture in itself, the demand doesn’t equal the amount stocked. As said by James Jebbia, founder of Supreme, “If we can sell 600, I make 400”. This creates the buzz, and leads to hyped garms being sold out in milliseconds.

Supreme allows obsessives to build their unique identities with rare garms; it’s highly unlikely someone in the street will be flexing the same Supreme as you. The appeal is the exclusivity. As Supreme progresses, dropping the hottest garms every week, it keeps captivated customers coming back for more.