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Alyson Walsh, journalist for The Guardian and author of blog ‘That’s not my age’ and book ‘Know your style’ is an inspiration to women and a breath of fresh air in this thick fog of misogyny.


Her unapologetic approach to style and aging is a refreshing stance in the modern- day world of ‘anti–aging’ which perceives aging as something we should all be running scared from instead of embracing. “it’s not about age, it’s about style’’,  Alyson remarked as she flicked her hair over her shoulder. Her confidence is contagious as she explained to me that women (and men) shouldn’t have to lose their identity and sense of style just because they’re getting older and that spurred her on to write her book ‘Know your Style’, “I just wanted to talk to people in the way my friends and I talk about clothes, in an honest down to earth way”.